Renaissance Man – Part 1

Matt Wadsworth was born in Manchester England in 1974. Blind since birth, he has gone on to become a leading figure in his industry, as both musician and entrepreneur.
Matt spent most of his childhood focused on playing guitar and riding motorcycles. At the age of six, he learned to navigate his way around a bike track by using differing sounds and textures of terrain as a guide. He would frequently reach speeds of 30 miles per hour. Matt went on to study guitar and lute at London’s Royal Academy of Music, winning the London Student of the Year award in 1997 for his work on the development of a Braille version of lute tablature, a system of music notation developed in the 16th century and still used by lutenists today.
Matt is now in great demand as a soloist and chamber musician. He has appeared at most of the major festivals in the UK, Europe and North America and can frequently be heard on radio, both in live performance and on disc. His six CDs to date have all received international critical acclaim, including two Editors Choices in Gramophone magazine.
In 2007, Matt started his first online business and within six months, he was an entrepreneurial success. He now runs an online empire of websites across multiple markets, and he is frequently asked to speak at business seminars in the UK, North America and the Middle East.
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