R.I.P. Dane Searls-A Giant has Passed

YOUNG BMX daredevil Dane Searls has died as the result of head injuries sustained when he fell off a balcony on the Gold Coast last weekend, prompting an outpouring of grief on social networks this morning.

With police confirming the thrill-seeking 23-year-old had died in hospital, mates and fans took to Twitter and facebook to express their grief at the loss of the gifted bike rider.

“Godspeed Dane Searls… Taken to soon but never forgotten,” one post read.

“R.I.P Dane Searls, BMX has lost on of it’s biggest shredders today, my thoughts go to his family and friends,” a friend wrote.

“RIP Dane Searls, you are the king of dirt,” another post said.

Multiple RIP Dane Searls Facebook pages have been set up this morning with more than 1300 people liking it in the first few hours.

Searls earned a big following in Australia and overseas thanks to his death-defying stunts on giant dirt jumps.

But last weekend, just days after pulling off one of the biggest BMX stunts ever attempted off an 18m dirt jump, he fell from a first floor balcony and hit his head near the Billy’s Beach House pool while doing a stunt.

Searls clung to life for five days but died this morning.

Police say the coroner will investigate the death of Searls who is believed to have hit his head while trying to jump into the pool below the balcony.

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