Kaeding Claims Kings

Saturday night at Kings Speedway in Hanford, CA, Tim Kaeding completed the weekend sweep as he picked up the win and padded his series long points lead.

With 24 cars on had, TK kicked the night off by timing in with the quickest lap of the night.

In the 30-lap feature Kaeding overtook Andy Gregg to grab the lead on the second lap and motored away from the rest of the field. Even with several caution and red flags slowing the race, TK was simply in a league of his own and was never seriously challenged for the lead.

Following TK to the stripe was Jason Statler, Evan Suggs, Jonathan Allard, and Andy Gregg rounding out the top five.

Heat one: Rico Abreu, Evan Suggs, Tim Kaeding, Bobby McMahan, Cory Eliason, Doug Gandy, Koen Shaw

Heat two: Andy Gregg, Jason Statler, Mike Faria, Peter Murphy, Kenny Allen, Willie Croft, Kevin Smith, Dan Simpson

Heat three: Brent Kaeding, Tommy Tarlton, Jonathan Allard, Craig Stidham, Danielle Simpson, Brad Furr, Pat Harvey, Eli Deshaies

Dash: Andy Gregg, Tim Kaeding, Jonathan Allard, Brent Kaeding, Jason Statler, Evan Suggs, Tommy Tarlton, Rico Abreu

A-main: Tim Kaeding, Jason Statler, Evan Suggs, Jonathan Allard, Andy Gregg, Peter Murphy, Bobby McMahan, Brent Kaeding, Brad Furr, Kenny Allen, Danielle Simpson, Koen Shaw, Eli Deshaies, Pat Harvey, Kevin Smith, Rico Abreu, Willie Croft, Charlie Louden, Mike Faria, Cory Eliason, Doug Gandy, Tommy Tarlton, Craig Stidham, Dan Simpson

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