Formula 1 On Skis: Ivan Origone-Photostory

Ivan Origone is one of the world’s fastest speed skiers, zooming down the slopes at F1 speeds on nothing more than a pair of skis.

Ivan was born in Aosta, Italy on March 31, 1987. His chosen discipline is speed skiing, a sport that allows athletes to reach speeds similar to those achieved in F1… only on two planks of wood and carbon.

He lives in Champoluc in the north of Italy with his older brother Simone, also a speed skier and the current world record holder.

Twenty-four-year-old Ivan holds the junior speed world record, which he set in Les Arcs with a hair-raising 250.7km/h. Relations between the world champion and junior world champion are good if healthily competitive. Ivan and Simone currently train together.

Throwing yourself down slopes with downhill gradients of 90 percent at more than 200km/h requires guts and nerves of steel. It also entails a relatively short but intense, highly hazardous and precise sort of athletic performance. Just one little mistake could transform the 24-old Italian into a stretched out strip of smoldering rubber, and Ivan knows it very well.

Ivan has the perfect character for the sport. He’s high on self-confidence and he’s as cool as november. Just seconds before dropping down a high-risk slope, he manages a roguish smile.

In the picture above, Ivan is displayed on the control room monitors while he tests his race position in the wind tunnel of the Politecnico di Milano, Italy on January 20.

Ivan reached speeds of more than 200km/h during the Speed Skiing World Championship Final in Verbier, Switzerland on April 19. Once again he finished second to his brother Simone. But the younger sibling is catching up with his brother. We’ll see what next season brings.

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