CIE Spring Ride

CIE Spring Ride – Double Up Comp and Much More! from WakeWorld on Vimeo.

The annual CIE Spring Ride went down May 6-8 at The Pines Resort at Bass Lake. You’ve already read the wrap-up article about this weekend-long party and double up contest, but you haven’t seen anything until you’ve seen this video. You’ll definitely want to cut out some time during your day to sit down and enjoy it because it’s over 13 minutes of non-stop action from the weekend. Damon Chamberlain at Frontside Films deserves major kudos for putting it together!

The invitation-only double-up contest brought riders like Phil Soven, Josh Palma and Nick Jones to compete against West Coast riders like Randall Harris, Ricky G., Trever Maur, Josh Twelker and Jason Callen. Riders hit the cool mountain water behind the new CIE Wakesetter in a battle for the best trick and biggest trick for a $3000 prize pot.

Randall Harris stepped up to clinch the Best Trick category with a giant heelside mute 720. Ricky G., now the most decorated Spring Ride athlete, took home cash for the fourth time in Spring Ride history for biggest trick. Other notable tricks of the day were Phil Soven’s nose grab crow mobe 540, Ricky G’s Pete 540 and Nick Jones’ off-axis heelside backside 540.

The CIE Spring Ride is made possible by Malibu Boats, Boat Country of Escalon, CWB, Hyperlite, WakeRoots Pro Shop, FrontSide Films, Phalanx Wakeboards, Twisted Candi Bikinis, The Pines Resort, Chucktronics Marine Audio, NVS Speakers, Cire Boardshorts, SpringBok Designs and RubIt Decals.

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