13th Annual Surfercross

For the 13th year, the Surfercross has brought the industry together to participate and enjoy two of the greatest sports a person can do. The event brings moto and surf to one event where industry and pros from each sport compete. The industry teams are picked at random, pairing a moto guy with a surf guy. The same is done in the professional class.

This year we had many professionals participating from both sports. One of the surfer’s participating was Fox rider, Ian Walsh along with Sunny Garcia, Chava Greenlee and Scott Farnworth. From the moto racing world, we had Christian Craig, Tye Simmonds and Dakota Tedder… just to name a few.

The racing and surfing was some of the best we have ever seen at the event. The surfers were faster than ever on the moto track and the guys were shredding waves in the ocean. It was a really fun two days with no injuries. That always makes an event a little funnier.

Congratulations to the champions in the pro class: Dakota Tedder and Chava Greenlee. Rounding out the podium: Nathen Ramsey/ Troy Eckert and Christien, Craig/Scot Farnsworth. In the industry class team: Johnny Campbell/Chad Robinson took the win, followed by Jon Eric Burleson/ Jimmy Lewis and Sean Bailey/RaySommo. Goodtimes everyone! We’ll see ya next year!

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