Coming to iTunes, Xbox, Youtube VOD- May 14th
Powerband Films and Etnies presents- TWITCH’S 420% ALL NATURAL, a film is a collaboration from Jeremy Stenberg (arguably the best dirt bike freerider of all time) and Producer/Director Jay Schweitzer of the iconic On the Pipe series. The concept behind this freeride phenomenon was to capture the true essence of dirt- bike riding in the hills on natural terrain.

What It Is

After a storied, but typical contest oriented career, Jeremy Stenberg is out to change the face of freestyle motocross videos. The plan was to get back to his freeriding roots and follow the path set by numerous skate and snowboarders, who film their endless sessions for video parts. Stenberg called upon legendary director/producer Jay Schweitzer to film he and a list of the world’s most talented riders for his latest feature, “Twitch’s 420% All Natural.”


– Line up of riders, which includes, Nate Adams, Dustin Miller, Mike Mason, Ronnie Renner, Jeremy McGrath, Andy Bakken, Dan Pastor, Todd Potter, Brody Wilson, Daniel Sani, Tyler Beremen, Vinnie Carbone and Myles Richmond, is impressive. To see riders of this caliber together in one video is rare.

– Breaking away from contest or party footage and showcasing a rider’s talent instead breathes much needed new life into freestyle videos. Blending elements of surf, skate, and snow into motocross has been a long sought-after goal and is a step in the right direction.

– The locations Stenberg and Schweitzer used, which included the Temecula hills, Beaumont, Reche Canyon, Santa Barbara, Ocotillo, Glamis, Cameron, Arizona, and the exclusive Cambria, are perfect backdrops for the massive tricks.

– Stenberg and Beremen’s segments in the video are inspiring.

– Digital only release kills the dreaded wait that comes with ordering a hardcopy video.


– While some footage is unseen prior to the video’s release, it is rather dated. We were surprised to see clips from years ago of Stenberg on an ECKO Yamaha two stroke.

– Though the video’s concept is new, the music is not. With music mogol Travis Barker involved in the video, we expected new beats and not the 90?s hard rock FMX soundtrack.

What We Think

“Twitch’s 420% All Natural” delivers exactly what it promised: footage of the sport’s best riders throwing down away from the contest scene. It is a fitting debut of a new concept, and with Stenberg already stating another release is in the works, the beginning of what can be the next iconic motocross video series.

Visit: http://itunes.apple.com/us/movie/twitchs-420-all-natural/id527726500

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